Jaroslav Hranička

Jaroslav Hranička

Hi, my name is Jaroslav Hranička and I am from the Czech republic.

I am PHP Developer, Backend Developer, Web Developer or in a simple term Programmer.

I am also proud father.

PHP Nette Doctrine Linux

I am freelance developer living in Prague and occasionally in Sudetenland (or better sounding Upper Palatine Forest). I love web, its possibilities, opportunities and leverage in our daily life. I like challenges which that offers. I mean performance issues, caching (including cache invalidation of course), data imports, exports through multiple channels (APIs, HTML pages, CSV/XML files and so on) or security.

I'm convinced that clean code is a crucial element in successful software in a long life term. I wrote a lot of bad code and can see the impact on maintainability, scalability and even security.

I'm trying to be the best.
So I need better experts than me around.

If you want get more information about me, look at icons at the bottom of page or write me an e-mail to me [at] hranicka.cz I'll try to respond as soon as possible.