Jaroslav Hranička

Jaroslav Hranička

Hello! My name is Jaroslav Hranička and I live in Czechia.

I work as a PHP Developer, Backend Developer, Web Developer or in a simple word just Programmer.

I am also proud father.

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I am freelance developer living in Prague and occasionally in Sudetenland (or better sounding Upper Palatine Forest). I love web, its possibilities, opportunities and leverage on our daily life. I like challenges it offers. I mean performance issues, caching, data imports and exports, API communication, architecture, infrastructure or security. It's my passion, it's my life.

I'm convinced that clean code is crucial element in successful software. I witnessed how ignorance of some rules destroyed whole projects and people around got demotivated. I wrote a lot of bad code and can see the impact on maintainability, on developer happiness, customer satisfaction and, at the end, whole business progress.

I'm trying to be the best.
Thus I need to work with better experts than I am.

If you are searching for more information about me, click through icons at the bottom and write me an e-mail. Thank you.