Jaroslav Hranička

Jaroslav Hranička

Hello! My name is Jaroslav Hranička.

I am father, husband, PHP Developer, Backend Developer, Web Developer or simply Programmer.

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I am freelance developer living in Prague (Czechia) and comming from Upper Palatine Forest. I love web, its possibilities, opportunities and leverage on our daily life. I like challenges it offers. I mean performance, caching, data imports and exports, API communication, architecture, infrastructure or security. It's my passion, it's my life.

I'm convinced that clean code is crucial element in successful software. I witnessed how ignorance of some basic rules destroyed whole projects and people around got demotivated. I wrote a lot of bad code and I know it had negative impact on maintainability, happiness, customer satisfaction and, at the end, whole business progress.

I'm trying to be the best. Thus I need to work with better experts than I am.

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